SYNTH FACTORY produces materials for usage with various virtual economies, and acts as a base alternative currency or cosmetic collectable & tradeable item within within the RVN network.

All SYNTH FACTORY products are produced in numbered sets, and a new set for each product cannot be produced until all units of the previous iteration have been distributed.

Each new iteration of a product will come with something to make it unique, we aim to improve every time we re-issue, this means that previous editions of products will become rare.

As well as the standard lines of products which are produced in sets, the FACTORY can also create unique assets, one of a kind digital items stored in the blockchain. This is a rare occurrence though, and to date only one has been produced. The Ravenite bar.

Current Reproducible Product Lines:

Copper Bars – Minted in sets of 50,000

Silver Bars – Minted in sets of 20,000

Gold Bars – Minted in sets of 10,000

Cobalt Bars – Minted in sets of 5,000

Blue Diamonds – Minted in sets of 10,000

Golden Power Rings – Minted in sets of 5,000

Current & Previous Limited Product Lines:

Ravenium Bar – Minted 01/05/2021, set of 350

Ravenite Bar – Minted 03/05/202 by RVNFT, set of 1, Unique asset