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Here you can view the top swaps we have available right now, for info on how to do a SWAP check this page –

Omega Diamonds

Omega Diamonds are new from the SYNTH FACTORY Cosmetic collectables range, these look great on any device and will be a cool legacy token to show off down the line, only 1000 minted, available swaps below:


Synth Pets are virtual pets living within the RVN blockchain

All of the data for the pet is saved locally on the device that you use to access it.


– Choose from 2 pet species, cat or frog
– Choose from 3 pet environments
– Custom name for the pet
– 1 Year max lifespan
– Poor care = death
– Local Battles
– More types of pet stat – Happiness, Hunger, Fatigue, Boredom, Health, XP
– Light switch
– Level your pet up by keeping it alive, 5xp gained for every hour it lives, max level = 7
– If your pet dies you can create a new one, and you can reset to a new pet at any time if you wish
– A few extra features and surprises across the pet’s lifespan


Synth Casks age over time and can be traded by the litre for Bonus NFT’s. Effectively giving you one NFT that you can trade for 100 or more NFTs. The longer you keep litres of liquid in the cask the better the rewards.

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