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Synth Arcade is focused on gaming development and publishing in the blockchain.

The first SA game was released in May 2021 on Reddit, Twitter & the blockchain to a small audience. It went down fairly well, and became an excellent learning experience for us in terms of how much more testing is needed when there’s literally no chance of fixing them after release.

As such , development of games in the RVN blockchain is somewhat of a return to the classic days:

  • You can forget patches, make a mistake and you’ll need a “Directors cut”
  • Try and make it small enough fit it on a floppy disk, or people aren’t going to wait for it to load.
  • You can’t depend on hard drive storage, everything will need to be contained within the game from day 1.
  • You can’t modify any files within the game, much like disc or cartridge gaming media

It’s been a real adventure so far bringing some arcade inspired experiences to the chain, and we hope to continue to release more advanced and interactive chain based games whilst also helping any aspiring developers get into the game.

You can try out the very first game published on the RVN chain below:

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