SYNTH BANK is a currency production facility within the blockchain which focuses on producing virtual fiat & tokens for various purposes. SYNTH BANK specialises in the next generation of virtual tokens which will have a consistent visual representation.

Customers with SYNTH BANK are able to utilise our services in creating their own Main or Sub token on the RVN blockchain.

Minting your currency under the SYNTH/BANK token yields a considerable cost advantage – saving you around 400 RVN and having to manage the asset creation process. We can support coin names up to 19 characters in length. We are always happy to assist with unique main tokens for your brand where this fits the use-case.

You can see the first minting from SYNTH BANK here.

Services of SYNTH BANK:


With the form below you can request currency creation, we charge the same flat fee of £10(inc tax) for all variants – this can also be paid in RVN instead of Fiat at a fixed rate of 100 (we may lower this in future), we use fiat only payments for now while we pilot the program – but we do still require the network fees in RVN.

Here are some advantages of minting a main token or sub token currency with SYNTH:

  • Our charges do not change with the price of RVN – or with the services that you require, we always charge one flat fee.
  • You can create a token with a Visual representation – either as a 3D model or image. (3D must be sent to us in .glb format)
  • You can mint a sub token (for 100 RVN) or a main token (for 500 RVN) for your currency
  • Your coins will be ready for your approval within 48 hours of your order
  • We can hold your coins for up to 1 month after production at no charge, and all transfer fees are covered by us
  • You will 100% of all coins produced as well as the ADMIN! asset which would give the ability to mint another set of your currency

Currency conversion

With this service SYNTH BANK will offer current exhange rate between fiat, FACTORY and BANK tokens.