SYNTH BANK is a currency production facility within the blockchain which focuses on producing virtual fiat & tokens for various purposes. SYNTH BANK specialises in the next generation of virtual tokens which will have a consistent visual representation.

Customers with SYNTH BANK are able to utilise our services in creating their own Main or Sub token on the RVN blockchain.

Minting your currency under the SYNTH/BANK token yields a considerable cost advantage – saving you around 400 RVN and having to manage the asset creation process. We can support coin names up to 19 characters in length. We are always happy to assist with unique main tokens for your brand where this fits the use-case.

Synth Bank also produces the currency for SYNTH’s own internal economy:

The 1x SynthCoin: Supply of 21000000

The 100x SynthCoin: Supply of 100