Our first Synth World is currently being built, you can see our latest map below:

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Map Key

Green – Alliance territory

Orange – Old ones territory

Red – Superium Territory

White – Normal property

Blue – Commercial property

Black – Special property


What is Synth World?

Each token minted for Synth World represents ownership of an individual location. The owner will usually be the only person who can access locked doors, or claim items in any given area. However, anyone can navigate public land, commercial properties, and unlocked portions of the Synth world. Synth world is backed in the blockchain, with all of the locations being available through the token permanently.

What is normal property?

Normal property (White on the map) is virtual property within Synth World,, you will receive access keys to unlock doors, and you might find interactive features too depending on property class.

Some of the things you can expect within a normal property are listed below, many of these features will be new with our v2 properties (coming October 2021)

  • NFT chests which send the contents to your wallet
  • Mailboxes for airdrops
  • Synth music
  • NFT Display supporting art by several popular RVN creators
  • Mini games
  • Secret rooms
  • Pets

What is a commercial property?

Commercial properties are run by Synth and other NFT creators who wanted to take a small space in our world.

Synth Bakery, Bank, Guild, Pub and others will all be represented, and we’re hoping to see some interesting third party areas too.

You can expect some different sorts of utility from these properties, and they generally will not be available for direct purchase:

  • Promotional NFT giveaways in-world (online version only)
  • Information on brands
  • Links to websites
  • More info to come

What is a special property?

Not much we can tell you on this just yet, but we’re excited to offer more news on special properties in future.

Can I trade my Synth World property to another person?

Yes, although for v1 & v2 properties the original access keys cannot be changed. Access keys will be changeable for all properties in the online versionl.

Will all Synth World Locations be linked up?

This is our primary aim, and we want it to be done with both on and off chain versions if possible.

Will there be multiplayer?

There’s certainly a possibility we’ll see multiplayer functionality, whether it be server based or p2p with our off chain version of the world.