Synth Mountain is a brand new multi-utility NFT experience from Synth. it releases with minimum functionality and builds over time via stretch goals and time gates.

The Base NFT is a high quality turntable of Synth Mountain in MP4 format, everyone who purchases Synth Mountain will receive this, and there are a total of 12 editions, making it a 1/12 NFT

Resource Gathering

Synth Mountain has gathering spots for all existing Synth World resources at the time of minting.

Each holder receives a set amount of resources per 7 days , per token held.

Any holder who holds more than 1 token receives a 10% bonus to their total resource airdrops.

Each 1/12 token of the mountain generates the following resources weekly:

2000 Wood

100 Karoseki

10 Gold

200 Oil

Time Gated Utility

From the date of the first purchase of an edition of Synth Mountain, the following time gated bonuses will become available:

48 Hours later – Oil airdrops commence, these will be sent automatically to the holder wallet, this will apply to existing and future holders

14 days later – NFT receives an update adding three lower res GIF versions of Synth Mountain using different colour palletes, this will apply to existing and future holders

30 days later – All holders will receive a Limited Edition Synth Smart card on which they can display their resources, including Oil. Only existing holders will get this card on the specified date.

Stretch Utility

This utility kicks in when the project reaches a set collection goal.

4/12 Collected – High Quality Lego version added to the base NFT, this will apply to existing and future holders.

8/12 Collected – The NFT will be updated to display the total number of resources gathered by all holders

10/12 Collected – All holders can choose one of three available ETH PFPs (Requires an ETH wallet) which display Synth Mountain and are compatible with Twitter blue. One pick per Synth Mountain NFT held. Only redeemable by one person per NFT.

12/12 Collected – All holders will receive access to a private Minecraft server with Synth Mountain as the spawn point! The server will be kept open for 90 days. Holders can optionally request the map file.

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