RVNFT is SYNTH’s choice for art related minting, gallery and agent type services. We hold very limited quantities of private not-for-sale art under the SYNTH token, and so far all of it has been purchased from RVNFT artists.

Here’s one of our favourite pieces! :

The image is compressed over 4x on this page, you can see it in it’s full glory here

RVNFT are a not for profit and only charge you the standard minting fees (but make sure you tip them if you can), they can help your NFTs sell at auction or at one of the first frontiers of Ravencoin NFT marketplaces found on their website/gallery.

With one of the best online NFT galleries with many unique offerings, as well as a large booth & display area within the Braveland Virtual Campus – RVNFT is the minting service you should be using for your NFT needs.

If you are looking to mint an NFT, check out RVNFT today, you might also find the owner at the Ravencoin community discord.


P.S If you are coming from ETH and feel super confused, this is definitely the service for you!

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  1. Aaron J Withers says:

    like it.

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