Now for something completely different

With the SYNTH token now in full swing with 9 issued assets it was time to get a little more complex with the NFT’s being produced.

I wanted something less abstract, and something that could have a value, my mind settled on some sort of short game-like NFT. And I needed to test the limits of what I could do with IPFS further. I decided to dip back into my game development experience, of which I have around 12 years.

Challenges at this stage included needing to keep the file sizes under what you could fit on a floppy disc to minimise loading and buffering times – rendering the experience playable with a mouse and keyboard, later this was something that became a lot simpler as I got to grips with what I was doing.

This asset was minted directly under the SYNTH token and submitted to RVNFT for auction with Stibits at Braveland Campus 04/30/2021

Minted NFTs:

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