Please note, following the closure of Ravenmint marketplace these can no longer be minted, we’re looking to transfer the collection to other platforms

RVNGALZ is a new Sub-Token under Synth which represents our first Female focused generative series on the RVN chain!

It’s been created by our female lead artist within the NiftySynth Duo, and we’re hoping to keep things really unique for everyone who mints by spreading 116+ different traits over a total possible supply of only 600 mints. Most other generative collections tend to be in the 10,000+ region so with this collection you will be minting something much more personal to you!

Mints are being handled automatically over at – Just 75 RVN per mint!

You can use the button below to Mint Now!

The collection is composed of:

3 Bases , Common (90% chance), Rare(7% chance) & Super Rare (3% chance)

16 Body Bases, including Human, Orc, Avatar, Zombie, Static, Stoneskin, Digi and more!

15 Different types of leg clothing

18 Different types of shoes

22 Different Top half clothings

17 Different Faces

25 Different Hairstyles

It’s our first day of launch at the time of posting, and we’ve had a few minted already, check them out in the image below!

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