With the recent implementation of resources in Synth World, and where we are nearing the 1st Anniversary of the Synth Token, we’ve shifted our focus somewhat to rewarding our existing asset holders, it’s always been our ethos that NFTs should have interactivity & some sort of future utility where possible.

We understand of course that following these updates on Discord or Twitter can be a little difficult, so each month we’ll do a round up of newly available ways you can use or trade your assets to generate new ones.

SynthMon Master League Mountain Badge

We’ve released the very first Badge for the SynthMon Master league. SynthMon is one of our oldest NFT lines and we think there’s so much fun utility that can be added for the various formats.

The first Badge to become available for the Master League is : The Mountain Badge

One who collects all badges in this series will be awarded the title of SynthMon master, more to come on that in future!

To claim the Mountain Badge, simply drop us a PM showing you hold at least 6 different SynthMon (Pocket, Prestige or Battlecards) – this can be done by Discord or Twitter!

Sakura Mountain Token

This is an automatic drop for anyone holding a current entry in our Pirate Tokens collection

No action required, if you hold a token you will receive this one to your wallet as of 04/03/2022

Karoseki Blue SynthMon Pocket

SynthMon Pocket Editions 17 and 18 can be traded for 30 Karoseki apiece, Karoseki is collected per day by Holders of the SS Kelly Cabins in Synth World.

To claim once again just get in touch via Twitter/Discord, we’ll require that you send the 30 Karoseki to our wallet to complete the trade.

New Asset Trades for Synth World Wood Resource

We’ve released the first two trades for the Synth World Wood resource, these can be traded for that resource after reaching out to us via Discord/Twitter

The Elberron Token (A new SynthMon format) can be exchanged for 1000 Wood:


And the Wooden Vantel (From the Synth Beasts collection) can be exchanged for 4500 Wood:


What’s coming next?

We’ll have new assets for holders of RVNSHROOMS, SynthBots, and Synth Pub casks coming soon!

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