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I’ve been neglecting the blogs again but it’s been a busy few days. I considered that the cask idea was out of Beta so I produced 3 caskings for May. Scotch, Bourbon and Vodka being the choices. Vodka does not age as well or in the same way as darker spirit, but the darker more aged variants are becoming popular over the least few years. As it’s been a few days since then the Casks have registered their first bit of age.

I’m hoping to Cask some fine Sherry and Brandy later in the month. And no I’m not completely insane, these will definitely be popular!….. and if not I’m happy to keep them forever. They will loop into the virtual economy work of something later on this list when fully aged to 6/9/12/15/21 years.

Assets created:

Nifty RVNPET #12

Harold is the first Frog variant RVNPET, of which 3-5 different pets will be produced under NIFTY.

The frog is a little more exciteable in it’s animations, and we’ve had some great feedback on the graphical improvements in comparison to the initial pets.


It was time to create a conceptual factory within the rvn blockchain, and then slowly make it more and more real. I burn 100 RVN to create the FACTORY token, and it begins again.

The first few items were produced by FACTORY on the same day:

50,000 Copper bar

View Asset-

20,000 Silver bar

View Asset –

10,000 Gold bar

View Asset –

10,000 Blue Diamond

View Asset –

350 Ravenium Bar

View Asset –

Some exciting additional items and use cases coming for this soon.

First SYNTH/ARCADE Release – CryptoEater

SYNTH/ARCADE released the first fully within the chain Arcade game on the 3rd of May 2021, it was released on the RVN discord & Reddit as a limited-credit free to play experience -

r/Ravencoin - Arcade Game on RVN Blockchain - Crypto Eater

Some interesting functionality here which we will build upon and adjust for future titles, a few of which are already in production.

This represents the first in an initial 11 entries to the SYNTH/ARCADE numbered core series – focused on the older retro titles we all know and love – with a crypto-twist.

As you would expect releasing this publicly revealed a ton of bugs. Luckily the ID for this asset was 000, so 001 will effectively be a directors cut of this original with the bugs squashed and perhaps an extra level/final boss.

Watch this space. That’s a figure of speech, news will be in a different future blog post.

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