We’re running some great promotions on our NFTs for the Black Friday through Cyber Monday period! You can see what’s on sale below with links to the relevant marketplaces!

SYNTH/BOTS – Massive Discounts

First off! We’ve cut the price of our Single Synth Bots – Lowered to 100 RVN on JustNFTs

A limited number will be also be added to Ravenist for collectors who prefer a non-blind pick over the next few days, priced at 100 RVN – check out the collection here

Each robot is made from 12 parts, there are 90 parts total worth each between 1-100 points. Each robot can be scored out of 1200 total based on the parts that make it.

Series 1 contains 600 totally unique robots – buyer receives a random robot, no pre-look on this series, blind pick.

The parts used in series 1 can only be used in series 1.


This entry level collection gets a temporary big drop on it’s floor! Synth Rare Spirits on Ravenist down to 50RVN each


Synth Pet Red Edition down to 100 RVN only on JustNFTs

Synth Pets are inspired by the cyber pets and Tamagotchi’s of old, and the Red version is the first to use our v3 pet system.

All of the data for the pet is saved locally on the device that you use to access it.


– Choose from 2 pet species, cat or frog
– Choose from 3 pet environments
– Custom name for the pet
– 1 Year max lifespan
– Poor care = death
– Local Battles
– More types of pet stat – Happiness, Hunger, Fatigue, Boredom, Health, XP
– Light switch
– Level your pet up by keeping it alive, 5xp gained for every hour it lives, max level = 7
– If your pet dies you can create a new one, and you can reset to a new pet at any time if you wish
– A few extra features and surprises across the pet’s lifespan

250 RVN reduction on RVN Boulders

250 RVN reduction on Ravenist Rvn Boulders

Ageing casks – 100 RVN Black Friday MegaDeal

4 Scotch & 4 Bourbon casks for 100 RVN , only at JustNFTs

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