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The prototype RVNPET and the first 9 full pets in the collection

The first prototype RVNPET was very simple – it had basic interactivity actions and it aged as time passed in a persistent sense.

After the release of this Beta cat I started looking at how I could make these a little more interesting, I’m heavily inspired by cyber pets/tamagotchis when making these so I wanted to give the pets persistent levels of hunger, tiredness and boredness first off – which would stay the same between visits from the owner.

Once that was achieved I gave each of the 9 cats that followed a different personality, ranging from “Lazy” to “Pooper”. I also gave the cats a set lifespan, different for each one.

The ageing of the cats was given a new element as they could now transition from kitten form to adult cat. And we added some interactivity when petting the cat.

Not visible to the owner are some variables in the background representing general happiness, and these will effect how fast the cat’s bars lower, along with it’s personality.

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