It’s been a long road up to this point, and we’ve managed to roughly follow our overall roadmap, releasing most of the tokens and trying most of the ideas that we had listed there for Phase I of the Synth project.

We’ve now dipped our toe into phase II, this phase will be considerably longer, probably around a year if we can continue to survive. Below we’ll share what we can about what’s already been completed for Phase II , and what’s coming soon! We’ve left a whole lot out of this, in favour of doing an update later on when we are closer.


Improved Gold bars – this project will produce a new gold bar, it will be modelled from clay, it will look a little more natural than our previous iterations – COMPLETED September 2021

Halloween themed NFT’s – A collection of uniques ranging from cute pumkpins to truly disturbing works of horror – if possible – STARTED October 2021, gettin scarier

Synth Gamer Token – This will be a token which will act as a separate Business/Entity – we plan to bring on one new team member to help run this and share ownership. We are extremely excited about the work this token will do – but we can’t share more at this point.

Synth Charity Token – This token will revolve around redirecting portions NFT profits towards charity, right now 99% of RVN donations go to the foundation, whilst we have nothing against this – we do think there are other great causes which would benefit too! The start of this project will be looking into NFT/charity donations via eBay.

Synth Real estate v2 – Our previous real estate projects went fast!. We’re looking to build more properties, and to start to link them up – but these projects are extremely time intensive, as the start of phase 2 we’ll be looking to introduce halloween houses – while we work on phase 2 we’re also prototyping linkage and multiplayer features for phase 3!

SynthMon Pocket continuation – We’re going to keep publishing the SynthMon Pockets, we’re not entirely comfortable with their presentation anymore – but they do continue to act as the core token for usage with the gaming related projects we’re using, so at this stage we are compelled to continue. In future we may set aside 2000 RVN to mint new “Core” tokens for collection of in-game Synthmon.

SynthMon MMO type game – We continue to work with a very talented developer to bring a proof of concept MMO type blockchain interactive game experience to the SynthMon universe. We hope to see a demo release before too long!

Submarining R&D – We’re carrying out R&D on Submarining via IPFS, we hope to become leaders in this area and produce handy guides for how other creators can produce smart-type functionality on RVN.

Master 3D engraving – The techniques for this in blender are not cutting it to the level of quality we need – we’ll search for better options to engrave high/low poly models – allowing us to produce better quality NFTs

Synth Real Estate, Commercial properties – We can’t say too much on this one, but if we can get it right it’ll probably be our most exciting and perhaps extravagant project ever. Coming late 2021

SYNTH/SKATE – This is a passover from roadmap Phase I, it’s a project we started a few times, but it required us to design a perfect skateboard model – we couldn’t quite get the shape right at the time. This token will produce physical items paired with digital representations.

SynthMon Orange Eggs – Up to 100 eggs will be released, each egg will hatch into a SynthMon 1-21. There will be a chance for each egg to hatch into a rare, shiny, or legendary SynthMon.

SYNTHPET,(Zhao Garden) – Name is not final, this will be a rethink of the overall SynthPet idea, it will be based on a new system.

SYNTHPET (RVNAVI) – Name is not final, this will be a different spin on the SynthPet idea, based on an entirely new system.

SynthMon Battlecards – Redesigns and more releases for these! Working towards a single player experience using the cards.

That’s about half of what we’ve got on the roadmap, you can pretty much guarantee that other things will be shoehorned in, but this should act as a rough guide for the next few months!

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