SynthMon Egg Project

SynthMon Egg Project

A new project under the SynthMon token, SynthMon eggs will hatch into a variety of SynthMon in different formats and rarities, we’re excited to release our first variant pictured above, the GREEN_EGG NFT

Since initially announcing these on twitter yesterday, almost half have already been traded for Ravencoin. It’s one of our most popular NFTs to date

Each egg will hatch into a random SynthMon of either Normal, Rare, or Shiny quality, up to 30 days after being traded. The hatchlings will be full size interactive 3D models

Below you can see the summary of the GREEN_EGG, and also the next egg planned : ORANGE_EGG

Hatch TimeTotal availableHatchable SynthMon # of Rares# of Shinys
5-30 Days641-16123
The Green egg will no longer be available when all 64 are traded
Hatch TimeTotal availableHatchable SynthMon # of Rares# of Shinys
1-40 Days3011-2051
The Orange egg will be released at the same time as releasing SynthMon #20, this will be a while off

You can grab the green egg at JustNFTs Marketplace – 50 RVN per egg

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