Collabs with JoJuice & BIGFANFT

Collabs with JoJuice & BIGFANFT

Over the past few weeks we’ve had the absolute pleasure of working on a couple of collaborations with other creators in the NFT space, it’s been great fun and we’re really pleased with the content which was produced.

The first collaboration was with JoJuice – JJ is a creator minting under RVNFT.ART , you can see some of his other works here at the RVNFT Marketplace

We took one of JJ’s models which he’d been using to create some great image NFTs – and gave it the 3D treatment with model viewer, changing up the colours and themes as well as adding 2 distinct glow effects, the end result was GHOST TEETHZ – check it out here


At the time of writing there are 2 of these left over at RVNFT.ART

We’re working on another collab with this artist, coming soon!

The second collaboration was with BIGFANFT (be sure to check out their site!) , this one was slightly different, it still included a 3D model, but also comes with an interactive AR viewing mode for that model, all this as well as the general design comes from BIGFANFT – and it’s bundled with a music track from Synth’s Experimentum EP : Mesmonic

These are also available at JustNFTs marketplace, for only 25 RVN each! This mint is limited to 24 available total

You can preview the asset on GradeSynth IPFS here

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