The Best Way to Post and Execute Atomic Swaps on RVN

The Best Way to Post and Execute Atomic Swaps on RVN

Right now there are a few options to do Atomic swaps on RVN, and we’re already seeing creators taking advantage of this unique and powerful functionality. But this means nothing if asset collectors can’t work out how to action swaps.

In this how-to we’ll take you through installing and setting up the most powerful and best option for Swaps right now – Raven Trader Pro by the talented Ben Abraham. This is the only setup which currently allows asset -> asset swaps. Ben has also created as a companion site containing swap details.

We’re going to do this step-by-step in as much detail as possible, and it should be easy to complete this process in under 5 minutes. when you are done, no further action should be required for the foreseeable future.

Step 1

Go to GitHub and download the Raven Trader Pro Software – , you can download the ZIP file required by clicking the green code button, then “Download ZIP”.

Step 2

Go to the location the file downloaded at, and Unzip it

Go into the folder raven-trader-pro-main, you will find another folder inside, once again called the same thing “raven-trader-pro-main”. Copy this folder within the folder, and paste it in your C drive.

This will give you a folder called “raven-trader-pro-mainwithin the C drive of your windows device.

Step 3

Load up your Ravencore wallet, and go to Wallet at the top

In the Wallet menu, select Options. And in the options menu, select Open Configuration File

Step 4

Inside this configuration file you might see nothing, or you might see some details. The aim in this step is to add 3 lines, like in the image below, but you should set your own unique username and password

Once this is done, save that file.

Step 5

Now to install dependencies needed to run Raven Trader Pro.

If you don’t have Python already, or don’t know. Download and install Python from this page (yellow button at the top) –

Once this is installed, go to start menu, type cmd, press enter. This will bring up a terminal window.

Into the terminal window type cd /raven-trader-pro-main , if you get an error, check you followed the second part of step 2 correctly.

Run the following commands in the terminal:

curl -o
pip install -r requirements.txt

We do a dry run on the software with the below command, this creates a config file at C:\Users\YOUR_USER\.raventrader


Finally, navigate the C:\Users\YOUR_USER and find the .raventrader folder, once inside, open settings.json in notepad. And make sure it contains the details you configured earlier, under both the mainnet and testnet sections.

  "rpc_connections": [
      "title": "Local Testnet",
      "user": "usernamehere",
      "password": "passwordhere",
      "unlock": "",
      "host": "",
      "port": 18766,
      "testnet": true
      "title": "Local Mainnet",
      "user": "usernamehere",
      "password": "passwordhere",
      "unlock": "",
      "host": "",
      "port": 8766,
      "testnet": false

Save that file, and return to the CMD terminal, you can now run the software with



Now you are all set up, you can post and execute all swap-types directly through this software, and everything happens automatically in your wallet.

If you want to run the software again in future the process is:

Start menu -> Run CMD

cd /raven-trader-pro-main


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