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Prototyping for the NIFTY token

I started to work on ideas for the NIFTY token next, I had previously seen ads for an app on a phone where you can buy virtual diamonds – which at first I thought was a pretty terrible idea.

The idea definitely seemed better to me over time and I wanted to look at a prototype which would utilise the cosmetic aspect of that idea, along with a level of interactivity. I gave the project the code name TREASURE

The first item I produced was a simple BETA_GOLD_BAR – it would shake with a left click, and spin 360 degrees on a right click – this was far from my best attempt but it held up as a unique item.

I wanted there to be a set of first edition bars following the BETA_BAR, so I produce three. In Gold, Silver and Iron – and these were all raven engraved as 1st Editions.

This was the first project which exceeded a 2MB file size, and there’s a considerable increase in the loading time due to this. Before producing further NFTs in this line and increasing interactivity, that’s an issue to resolve.

Assets created:

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