Raven Nodes on GradeSynth, SynthMon Battlecards & Other Stuff

The GradeSynth Network Improves and expands…

It’s been a busy couple of weeks with a lot of time spent refining our setups on the GradeSynth IPFS network that we built previously, we’ve now got to where we want to be with it and can easily scale in future if we want to add more locations.

Phase 2 of the GradeSynth plan now begins, which revolves around building full raven nodes. We’re doing this both to help the network, and so that we can harvest data snapshots from the nodes in order to be able to add more interactivity to our digital products than ever before.

Our first Raven node is now up in London, UK – and we’re using this one to build a database of which wallets have which Synth assets. We hope to harness this in future to provide some interesting tokens.

Voxel & ThreeJS…

We’re investing into hardware, software and training around voxel 3d modelling and threejs. Our 3D NFTs have so far lacked interactivity in comparison to our other types and we’re working on making that a thing of the past.

Voxel is a very interesting way to model, especially in VR, and with some of the crazy zoom rates you can get in software now. We’re working on NFTs right now within Sculptvr and Magicavoxel.

ThreeJS will ultimately give us the ability to present better looking 3D models – and add a very high level of interactivity which will be presented in browser or wallet.


Work on rvnBay progresses, but aside from RVNFT.ART – we’ve not seen any adoption by other creators at this point. We appreciate the process is not as streamlined as it could be, and we’ll aim to improve that in future.

rvnBay is a non-profit and will exist purely to promote NFT’s and provide ad-space for Ravencoin related projects via SYNTH GUILD.

It’s definitely done some good so far in terms of boosting general NFT sales, but we’ve got a long way to go as a community, and a lot more creators to onboard before we reach the heights of other chains. We hope to see more projects like this giving users more choice on where to check out cool NFTs.

SynthMon BattleCards…

We have prototyped the first 4 SynthMon Battlecards, these are collectible cards from the SynthMon series stored as image files in IPFS and referenced by a token in the chain. The first 2 cards have now released:

Battlecard 001:

Battlecard 002:

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