GRADESYNTH Private IPFS Network launched

We’ve been quiet for a few days while we built infrastructure for something we’ve been meaning to get to work on for quite a while!

We’ve lately been seeing a lot of NFTs on other networks break due to poor IPFS backing, so we decided to add some resilience to our entire NFT collection.

This has been done by creating our own IPFS network, based on gigabit ethernet and NVME drives which make for much better load times than relying on standard public IPFS gateways when accessing content in IPFS.

The first 5 locations we have chosen are:

US: San Francisco

CA: Toronto

UK: London

IN: Bangalore

JP: Tokyo

A run down of the advantages:

Our gateway allows fast connection, and more performant exterior display of content via the closest node to you

Our network uses fast storage, so everything will load faster than normal (If it’s SYNTH)

Existing public IPFS gateways will have better/faster access to our files, including those currently utilised by the wallet

Solid backing, ensuring that your NFTs last forever

Our content is fully mirrored over these 5 locations and split between 2 providers. We are also utilising the 3rd party Pinata as a backup solution.

As a result all Ravencoin NFTs under the Synth Token, or the Tokens of certain Synth Guild members, will be available at

For example, here’s one of our NFTs served via the GradeSynth gateway:

We are seeing much better load times for content on our ravencoin tokens with this method, and the backing aspect brings a lot of peace of mind. We’d 100% recommend having your own IPFS nodes running if you are publishing content yourself. It does not need to be a large network like we’re aiming for, and it could be run on a raspberry Pi or $5 a month Virtual Private Server.

There are some great services out there for beginners like ravencoinipfs, and for local networks/backup the IPFS Desktop Software is very easy to use and available on mac/linux/windows.

Author: Kibeth

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