This will be a guide to using Atomic Swaps on RVN, this can now be done from the raven core wallet

Step One – Grab the Right wallet Version

Grab the latest version by going here – , and then click the Artifacts option on the right side, and choose the download that matches your operating system. If you already installed Raven Core wallet you should install this version in a different location for peace of mind. Once installed it will grab your keys from the same directory.

If this is your first time grabbing the Raven Core wallet it will need a few hours to sync to the chain.

Step 2 – Find a Swap

Next just look for a valid Swap, these can be found at – you can search with the bar at the top of the page to find the asset you want, and available swaps:

When you find a swap you want – just copy the HEX, then it’s back to the wallet

Step 3 – Make the trade

Paste the HEX into the ATOMIC SWAPS section of your wallet, you will see all the details of the swap in plain text:

Click the Execute button to instantly process the swap, and the process is complete!

You can view SYNTH NFTs and tokens available for swap through these systems below:

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