Another car & road based NFT, at this point I was starting to think – what If I could put something like GTA2 into one of these, but I was still restricted by file sizes so it’s not an idea that progressed.

Instead of a focus on racing this time I took a look at a more skill based interactivity. I made the roads that the car has to traverse much smaller, and by the same token the turns sharper.

This NFT is timed and will loop, to succeed the player must complete 3 laps in 70 seconds – although there’s no penalty for failure – primarily as during development I must have completed more than 1000 laps myself, and I felt that it’d take people quite a long time to get to the sort of skill level I had achieved – I was quite impressed with the depth of that for such a simple mini-game.

As before you can use the same inputs to control the car:

W/S – Speed up / Reverse

Mouse movement – Turn car

Speed capped to 100MPH, there is with all these racing games a way to achieve a far higher speed though, and with some skill/luck you can break through the barriers on the edge of the roads.

It was refreshing to switch to a grass track from ice, and I made some small graphical updates with some very basic extra sprites.

This NFT is kept in the possession of SYNTH at current.

Assets created:

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