Kind of switched direction again, had some fun producing 3D models with factory, and wanted to bring all aspects of that process in-house under a new idea.

This gave birth to the pokemon-esque “Synth Monsters” , or I guess – Synthmon

I wanted to steer away from for-sale NFT’s and I also wanted an excuse to check out a few other blockchains. I promptly sank the week’s budget on software, WAX and Tezos.

I decided to produce a series of original monsters. The tokens represent the rights to the characters, and I’ve chosen to base that conceptual system on RVN. There have been some experimental rollouts of these one other chains, but saturation is high meaning success is low – I wonder if RVN will have the same struggles when it comes to cosmetic NFT’s in future.

After spending most of my Tezos on failed transactions (seriously wtf Tezos network), and not being able to spend anywhere near all of my WAX, I came back to RVN to produce some digital/physical tokens – mainly because I wanted to try to make a transparent box.

I’ve been really bad at keeping up with the blog posts, but since I originally started, 15 monsters have been produced, 11 were released, and 5 were printed as physical in 2 colour variants

001 – Wendto
002 – Barana
003 – Fimmel
004 – Tezon
005 – Marluk
006 – Mosemo
007 – Bakorah
008 – Dakru
009 – Geranim
010 – Arnigo

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