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First Trading Card Set


The first of 5 collectible trading card NFTs is now available, we’ll only mint a new copy when the previous copy is transferred to a new wallet. Each of the 5 starter decks in this series will have 7 1st edition copies available for ravencoin.

The first card series we will label: Series I, and the first deck will be: Undead

We wanted to ensure maximum interactivity to keep to the synth theme, and it’s our intention if we see interest to create “Arenas” within the blockchain where players will be able to use these cards. For now though we’ve achieved a level of interactivity with the 3D variants of the cards, and the various locked files detailed below.

The starter deck contains 7 cards, and there are 6 “fighter” cards and 1 “support” card included. We’ll release detailed rules at a later date, but the game revolves around turn based combat and regenerating action points, with a team of 6 fighters and up to 3 supports.

This NFT features:

– Set of 7 2D NFT Cards

– Same 7 cards as fully interactive 3D NFTs

– Locked file containing card printouts for front and back graphics so you can print the cards on to card paper

– Locked file containing import files for TableTop Simulator


All the files are stored within a single NFT, and each individual card/file has it’s own dedicated IPFS link.

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