Month: October 2021

Synth World Update

Our first Synth World is currently being built, you can see our latest map below: Map Key Green – Alliance territory Orange – Old ones territory Red – Superium Territory White – Normal property Blue – Commercial property Black – Special property FAQ What is Synth World? Each token minted for Synth World represents ownership

Coming soon from the Synth Roadmap

It’s been a long road up to this point, and we’ve managed to roughly follow our overall roadmap, releasing most of the tokens and trying most of the ideas that we had listed there for Phase I of the Synth project. We’ve now dipped our toe into phase II, this phase will be considerably longer,

Musings, & The Synth Infrastructure Grows

Previously we created the GradeSynth network to act as a front line service, serving our content at 5 strategically located regions, ensuring that our NFT collectors got the best possible experience. And wouldn’t lose their NFTs. Let’s talk about that really fast, without naming any names, there have been some large collections of numbered uniques