Month: July 2021

GRADESYNTH Private IPFS Network launched

We’ve been quiet for a few days while we built infrastructure for something we’ve been meaning to get to work on for quite a while! We’ve lately been seeing a lot of NFTs on other networks break due to poor IPFS backing, so we decided to add some resilience to our entire NFT collection. This

Visual Version upgrade for Synth Pet Red Edition NFT

We’ve had our Synth Pets out on the PET token for a while now and whilst this is a really cool NFT technically, we felt that it was really lacking in the visuals department. We wanted to give it some sort of casing, and a gradient background matching the Red theme. Synth Pets are essentially

New Synth Website – RVNBAY.COM

We recently launched a new website in the Synth Ecosystem – The purpose of this site will be for NFT brands/solo creators to add their purchase options as well as a description and overview of their NFTs We hope that this site will help promote the RVN NFT community, it currently features swaps and