Month: June 2021

How to use Atomic Swaps on RVN

This will be a guide to using Atomic Swaps on RVN, this can now be done from the raven core wallet Step One – Grab the Right wallet Version Grab the latest version by going here – , and then click the Artifacts option on the right side, and choose the download that matches

First Cask-Swap oppourtunity & new Synth Bakery product

After releasing our first 2 casks we wanted to demonstrate how the swaps will work, so we produced a few limited Unmatured spirit NFTs in voxel style which can be traded for a litre from the cask before any ageing has taken place. Not many of these will be released so get them while you

The Creation of Synth Pub and the first token release

SYNTH/PUB is the newest branch of SYNTH, focused on producing interactive NFTs with gamified aspects around the theme of alcohol The longer you retain an NFT, the more interesting rewards will be available as a swap, in this case we have started with ageing spirits which will be able to be traded for bottle NFTs

First Audio NFT – Experimentum EP

We wanted to start learning some audio software so this short and incredibly amateur production was the result that we ended up minting You can check out the asset on the Ravencoin chain here –—EXPERIMENTUM_EP And you can listen to the EP below:

Collab With H-Town Donuts

We designed and minted a Donut token for Physical Donut Shop: H-Town Donuts , they will be using this for various reward schemes for their Crypto Savvy customers. You can check the asset out on the chain here, and it can be previewed below:

SynthMon Pocket

On 2021-06-02 the SYNTH/MON token was created and we started our first NFT line, we issued the first 5 in the Pocket series, but we then reissued them with working buttons on the SynthMon Pocket device, making them much more interactive than before. Collectors can use our Force Catcher NFT in order to catch SynthMon in

Some AI Enhanced Images from GRADE

We released a series of 11 AI assisted and upscaled images based on the RVN logo, these have all now been minted by SYNTH/GRADE, with the exception of three that were minted by RVNFT.ART Below you can view the files which range from 13 to 150 MB

Getting Started With Ravencoin NFTs

Getting started with Ravencoin is pretty easy. But there are very few guides out there which are up to date and easy to follow for someone new to the technology. Many people are now becoming interested in RVN due to the rise of the NFT market,this is because ultimately the Ravencoin chain offers the best