Month: May 2021

Synth Monsters 1-11

Kind of switched direction again, had some fun producing 3D models with factory, and wanted to bring all aspects of that process in-house under a new idea. This gave birth to the pokemon-esque “Synth Monsters” , or I guess – Synthmon I wanted to steer away from for-sale NFT’s and I also wanted an excuse

First Trading Card Set

The first of 5 collectible trading card NFTs is now available, we’ll only mint a new copy when the previous copy is transferred to a new wallet. Each of the 5 starter decks in this series will have 7 1st edition copies available for ravencoin. The first card series we will label: Series I, and

More collectibles from SYNTH FACTORY

FACTORY smelted some more collectible 3d Models into NFT format and we’ve seen some good results with 2 items. We minted several normal, rare and epic rarity items, as well as the first legendary item to be released by synth, the “Golden Detail Raven Ring” In addition to the ring we also have a Raven


RVNFT is SYNTH’s choice for art related minting, gallery and agent type services. We hold very limited quantities of private not-for-sale art under the SYNTH token, and so far all of it has been purchased from RVNFT artists. Here’s one of our favourite pieces! : The image is compressed over 4x on this page, you

Beast mode

NIFTY – CASKS I’ve been neglecting the blogs again but it’s been a busy few days. I considered that the cask idea was out of Beta so I produced 3 caskings for May. Scotch, Bourbon and Vodka being the choices. Vodka does not age as well or in the same way as darker spirit, but