Month: April 2021


CASK is an attempt to devolve the level of interactivity within the NFT, and focus more on subjective worth. The prototype is out in the wild and it’s a fine Irish whiskey which will age up to 21 years, changing colour and increasing in quality as it goes. The NFT displays the seal date for

The NIFTY SP_ series

The NIFTY SP_ series is reserved for things that are just a bit odd and can’t be fit into another category or token. Consequently the first asset was minted yesterday, and it’s got to contain some of the best pixels I’ve ever done by hand, as well as a fair share of stock filler when

Prototyping for the NIFTY token

I started to work on ideas for the NIFTY token next, I had previously seen ads for an app on a phone where you can buy virtual diamonds – which at first I thought was a pretty terrible idea. The idea definitely seemed better to me over time and I wanted to look at a

New Sub-Tokens : NIFTY & ARCADE

New sub tokens were created after the stoppage of the INT_NFT series stifled productivity. NIFTY is the token for this website domain, and will contain the “next generation” interactive NFTs, which will go far beyond what was previously possible. The Arcade token will be used for competitive arcade gaming within the blockchain, more to say


I was starting to get some pretty decent interactivity in the NFTs, I wanted to make a companion version of INT_NFT_013 which would be a greyscale variant, with another Raven that was not in the original named Kuro. Sound functions were also added to both ravens, but these have now been remotely disabled. The NFT

INT_NFT_013 – Ken

The thirteenth Interactive NFT directly under the SYNTH token was very interesting to create. It depicts a martial artist named Ken within an area where the owner can make him participate in three different training variants. Doing the training raises the stats of the character, this was an early iteration of RVNPET in that the


Another car & road based NFT, at this point I was starting to think – what If I could put something like GTA2 into one of these, but I was still restricted by file sizes so it’s not an idea that progressed. Instead of a focus on racing this time I took a look at


Another racing based NFT with oppenent AI but not time limit, allowing for practice on the turning mechanism. The controls for these racing shorts are: W/S – Speed up / Reverse Mouse movement – Turn car Minted assets:


A great tool which has helped me with development along the way, RavencoinIPFS is the best way to host files within IPFS, and with the current state of play you can host anything that’s not publicity sensitive like, pictures, music tracks, games and more. It also has a really handy encryption function, and some great