The Fallen Series

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The Fallen Series

The Fallen series was a limited mini-series inspired by some dark and challenging times within the Ravencoin community

It’s pretty rare for us to do animation NFTs but this is one of our favourite examples.

There were five different editions in the Fallen series – the first was released as a 1/3 and the rest were all 1/1

At current 1-5 in this collection are out in collector wallets, so they are no longer available for direct purchase. We recently reopened this line as of 06/03/2022

Fallen follows the story of Fylmir, a citizen of the Superium and a conscript to project F – a secret initiative controlled by Superium Command.

The Superium is a faction within Synth World holding considerable territories, they are the creators of the SynthBots and are at constant war with the other factions within the world.

Fallen #1 shows Fylmir’s first active mission at the age of 16, his various high level augmentations, as a result of Project F meant that he was a perfect candidate for surprise aerial attacks. This was his first test.

His commander dispatched him to destroy a small aircraft carrying the leader of Condor City. Despite his reservations he carried out this command. Three years later the city was completely destroyed.

Fallen #2, after many successful missions the psychological toll started to have an effect on Fylmir’s combat efficiency. At the age of 22, and after several failed missions he was used as a test subject for a new Superium initiative.

Project D saw him placed into a VR mission simulator for a period of 5 years. During this time he was put through intensive reconditioning via various experimental drugs and VR therapies. When he finally came out of the simulator – his superiors were confident that he would be one of the most effective assassins ever to serve.

Fallen #3 shows one of Fylmir’s most famous missions, a night attack where he used extreme altitude and multi-charge weaponry to take out an entire fleet of ships travelling to aid Paravo city which was under fire from a prototype Synthbot Army.

At the age of 34 he had completed a total of 1000 A class missions. As a result he was awarded the greatest honour, an audience with the Emperor.

Fallen #4 shows a special underwater mission where Fylmir was sent to take out a rogue Synthbot Officer – an Aquatic type bot Captain.

Despite his numerous enhancements as a result of project F, Fylmir was ageing at a rapid rate due to the effects of project D. At 40 years of age he would not last much longer.

The Captain class bot it’s self had been part of a special program, and this had left it with high class telepathic abilities. It developed self awareness ( a feat that no other bot had ever achieved) – and before Fylmir could completely destroy it, he was deprogrammed of his previous brainwashing.

Thanking the decommissioned bot, and vowing to destroy the Superium who had taken everything from him – he began to plan a mission of his own.

Fallen #5 shows Fylmir 2 years later, with very little time left to live. He finally executes the mission that he knows will be his last.

The Superium had created an orbital Super-Weapon, and their test blast destroyed 2 cities at once, creating the areas now known as the Shimmering Bog and the Lurid expanse, forcing the Survivors underwater – and prompting the creation of the Undervaults.

Having stolen experimental S-Class Weaponry from his old employers, he jumps from 0ne of Synth World’s mini-moons.

He is successful, but he is engulfed in the explosion and seemingly killed.

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