Property Types

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Property Types

Properties can be split into three types, normal, commercial, and special. The information in this article is still subject to change owing to the youth of the project at current.

Normal Properties

These properties are the standard accommodations and residences found through Synth World, this is the most common type of property that you will find up for sale. These are marked in White on the world map.

Normal properties come with a variety of interactive features which are constantly being expanded upon. These generally focus on display of existing content from your NFT collection in various formats, Synth NFT content that’s either unreleased or burnt to be put in world & a few other Surprises here and there!

Whilst the general area around most properties can be navigated around by anyone, only those with the door key can access the property, and certain functions inside.

Commercial Properties

Commercial properties are highlighted in blue on the map. Most of these will not be available for public purchase, and the overall set will be split into three sub categories:

  • Synth
  • Third party
  • Utility

Synth properties will be familiar to our collectors, these are in world HQ’s or offices for our on chain tokens, such as SYNTH/BAKERY, SYNTH/FACTORY, SYNTH/BANK, SYNTH/ARCADE and others. Visitors will be able to get airdrops during events, and play mini games based on the location.

Third Party properties are planned to host areas built in Synth World for other creators. Similar to Synth properties they might be used to host events or perform special airdrops. If a level of multiplayer functionality can be implemented, then these can also be used to host gatherings on the off-chain version.

Our first commercial properties were tiny apartment-offices for JustNFTs and the Humble Miner

Utility properties are still in the planning stage, but they will be the basis for in game currency, and a variety of systems to advance the gameplay and collectability within Primis, the first Synth World.

Special Properties

Special properties are marked on the map in Black, and will yield a recurring in-world reward to players via their wallet. These will be instrumental to a rudimental in-world economy. More news on SP Properties soon!

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