Nifty Casks

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Nifty Casks

Nifty Casks – one of our favourite ideas and the NFT mini-experiment that led to the creation of Synth/Pub!

The idea is that you can virtually age your own NFT spirits, we created a few different variants of these initially as unique tokens, and to this day they continue to age.

These are either in collector wallets or the Synth Vault – and they are no longer available to purchase directly.

In total 4 variants were produced, you can see their IPFS content below:

200 Litre Bourbon Cask – 21/May/2021 – [View on chain]

200 Litre Irish Cask – 30/April/2021 – [View on chain]

200 Litre Scotch Cask – 01/May/2021 – [View on chain]

200 Litre Vodka Cask – 01/May/2021 – [View on chain]

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