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Beta Bars

The Beta Bars were a experimental series created very early in the Synth Timeline. The bars were created in the days following 2021-04-24

It’s clear to us now that these were the NFTs that started us thinking about resource based collectibles, and ultimately lead to the SYNTH/FACTORY token and everything under it

First we had the Beta Gold Bar – this was before we’d worked out 3D interactive NFTs – so this actually used game development software to very simply change to an animation upon the user clicking the window – we were able to embed this in IPFS with a web/html file structure

[View on Asset Explorer]

Soon after this first example we minted slightly more advanced versions

The RVN Gold Bar:

[View on Asset Explorer]

The RVN Iron Bar:

[View on Asset Explorer]

The RVN Silver Bar:

[View on Asset Explorer]

And that’s where this series ended, it was an internal collection but a few of these are in collector wallets from the early days!

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