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Synth Mountain – New Release Coming Soon

Synth Mountain is a brand new multi-utility NFT experience from Synth. it releases with minimum functionality and builds over time via stretch goals and time gates. The Base NFT is a high quality turntable of Synth Mountain in MP4 format, everyone who purchases Synth Mountain will receive this, and there are a total of 12

Synth Black Friday Offers

We’re running some great promotions on our NFTs for the Black Friday through Cyber Monday period! You can see what’s on sale below with links to the relevant marketplaces! SYNTH/BOTS – Massive Discounts First off! We’ve cut the price of our Single Synth Bots – Lowered to 100 RVN on JustNFTs A limited number will

Coming soon from the Synth Roadmap

It’s been a long road up to this point, and we’ve managed to roughly follow our overall roadmap, releasing most of the tokens and trying most of the ideas that we had listed there for Phase I of the Synth project. We’ve now dipped our toe into phase II, this phase will be considerably longer,

SynthMon Egg Project

A new project under the SynthMon token, SynthMon eggs will hatch into a variety of SynthMon in different formats and rarities, we’re excited to release our first variant pictured above, the GREEN_EGG NFT Since initially announcing these on twitter yesterday, almost half have already been traded for Ravencoin. It’s one of our most popular NFTs

New Project – Synth Hogs

We started a new Interactive NFT 3D collection, SYNTH HOGS These will all be minted under the Synth Token as unique assets, and will number up to 99 total uniques The first Synth Hog was given away on Twitter: And Synth Hogs 2-4 are available at JustNFTs Marketplace at auction Further Synth Hogs will be