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Synth World – Smart Card

The first Synth World smart card has now been minted This is a step up in utility for our NFT lines and the possibilities for future developments are exciting. This NFT knows which wallet address it’s in, and it knows instantly, without any need for signing or verification. It also knows what else is in

Synth Bots – Phase II

After getting phase I of Synth Bots out last year in the form of a 600 strong collection of generatives, we’re focusing on expanding this collection keeping with the robot theme, but this time with 3D voxel based collectibles with their own unique utility. Each of these new 3D bots will have a gather chance

New Collection – RVNGALZ

Please note, following the closure of Ravenmint marketplace these can no longer be minted, we’re looking to transfer the collection to other platforms RVNGALZ is a new Sub-Token under Synth which represents our first Female focused generative series on the RVN chain! It’s been created by our female lead artist within the NiftySynth Duo, and

Active Asset Swaps/Trades for March 2022

With the recent implementation of resources in Synth World, and where we are nearing the 1st Anniversary of the Synth Token, we’ve shifted our focus somewhat to rewarding our existing asset holders, it’s always been our ethos that NFTs should have interactivity & some sort of future utility where possible. We understand of course that

The Synth Frames Project

Synth Frames is a lightweight chain based alternative to existing web based gallery services. RVN does not have its’ own chain based gallery right now and we want to try offering the same functions within an NFT without limits on visitors or opening times. Each frame can contain an image based NFT, the size and

Musings, & The Synth Infrastructure Grows

Previously we created the GradeSynth network to act as a front line service, serving our content at 5 strategically located regions, ensuring that our NFT collectors got the best possible experience. And wouldn’t lose their NFTs. Let’s talk about that really fast, without naming any names, there have been some large collections of numbered uniques

Part 2 of Collab With JoJuice coming soon

We’ve been planning for a while to enter a part 2 of our collab with JoJuice from RVNFT.ART – we lost some of our primary hardware for a short time and so this has been delayed, but we should be seeing part 2 by Mid October! Throwback to our previous collab with this excellent artist!


We released a mini project of 20 RVNSHROOMS at the start of December, like the rocks these were sold out fast again – within just a few days! Thanks to everyone in the community who collected! We also released two special editions for this series: The first was the Golden RVNSHROOM Trio – released exclusively

How to use Atomic Swaps on RVN

This will be a guide to using Atomic Swaps on RVN, this can now be done from the raven core wallet Step One – Grab the Right wallet Version Grab the latest version by going here – , and then click the Artifacts option on the right side, and choose the download that matches